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If police want a video, they must contact Ring to see if the resident is willing to share, said Jennifer Brutus, senior management analyst for the Arcadia Police Department.

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Boost your WiFi signal with a wifi extender so all your devices are in range.

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emergency button for seniors

The proposed reproductive health bill includes provisions that would impose forced sterilization and mandatory HIV testing on people with intellectual disabilities. According to the newly introduced bill drafted by the parliamentary committee, physicians would be granted the right to test an "incapacitated" person without their consent and then disclose the testing results to their official guardian. These provisions would be in direct violation of the Rwandan governments ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities CRPD. Forced sterilization would not only violate the rights of persons with disabilities but is also regarded as a crime against humanity by the International Criminal Court. The mandatory testing of HIV and disclosure of results would infringe on privacy rights and lead to abuse. People with intellectual disabilities are among the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in our societies, measures such as those proposed by Rwanda despite their international obligations under the Convention, serve to dehumanize and devalue people.

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You can choose motion activated recording with this device or H.

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